How Mick Shmazian Fills a Critical Role

Mick Shmazian understands better than many that it is often far too easy for some large players in the minerals markets to control and manipulate the market to their own benefit and to the detriment of others. That makes what professional mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian a very important part of the industry and the economy. They must be able to do their job well and consistently. When it comes to locating new resources on a constant basis, Mick’s decades of experience has been lauded by many and he is considered an expert in the prospecting field nowadays.

In reality, it is critically important that mining companies and the companies who depend on their mineral resources in their products maintain stability when it comes to availability. Because minerals are a major part of most products, price and and availability must be stable as a key to keeping the economy moving forward over the long run. It’s not just critical when the economy is strong, either; when the economy is difficult, many investors turn to minerals like gold and silver as a hedge against downturns in other more traditional markets.

Many companies and other investors must be able to know their investment is safe, even if they can’t keep their investments in their possession. Mick Shmazian understands that the huge overheads associated with storage of certain minerals is very important. The march forward in technology uses lots of mineral resources, including some that are relatively rare. That makes the ability to locate and access new mineral deposits very important. Industries of all types will depend heavily on the efforts of mineral prospectors like Mick Shmazian.